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South Texas Rio Red Grapefruit Farm

Learn About the Martinez Citrus Farm

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Laura's Grapefruit are all hand-picked from the Martinez Citrus Farm located in Bayview, Texas. Since 1993, the Martinez Citrus Farm has been developed to produce some of the finest fruit in the world. Rich soil, lots of sun, and warm sub-tropical temperatures can be attributed to the naturally sweet taste found only in Laura's Grapefruit.

Martinez Citrus Farm - Family Owned and Operated

The Martinez family has run the farm as a single unit since the beginning. The close-knit family takes pride in running their own business. Laura, along with her parents and two brothers, frequent the local farmers' markets to sell and distribute their fruit directly. Any given weekend you will find them set up in Brownsville, Harlingen, and the South Padre Island Farmers' Market. Stop by, say hello, and buy delicious grapefruit! You can recognize the Martinez family by their matching shirts and signature branded white truck.

Information About the Town of Bayview, Texas

Bayview is located in south Texas. Approximately 20 miles north of US/Mexican border, the popular grapefruit farm is uniquely positioned in the heart of the citrus belt. Surrounding cities such as McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen, Edinberg and others are world-famous for the quality of citrus fruit and juice that are exported across the nation. Bayview has a beautiful view of the Laguna Madre Bay, which we believe livens up the farms and adds flavor to the groves. Healthy water reservoirs feed the growing community of local farmers, and contemporary irrigation techniques allow for continual nourishment. Next time you are in south Texas, perhaps on your way to a family vacation on South Padre Island, stop by the Martinez Citrus Farm and taste the Rio Grande!

Learn About the History of Rio Red Grapefruits

Among other types of citrus fruits, the Martinez Citrus Farm harvests mainly Rio Red Grapefruits for the sole purpose of supplying Laura's Grapefruit with top-notch produce. Rio Red grapefruits are a unique graft of Rio Star grapefruit and Ruby Red grapefruit. The mixture of the two lines of fruit continues to amaze first-time tasters with the amount of natural sweetness and flavor that spills out of the Rio Reds. We would put these fruits up against any other in the world, and are confident in the outcome in our favor.